Back at it 3 Months Later

2020 was a crap year. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of highlights to that year for me personally. Not much really changed in my lifestyle other than transitioning to a fully remote working situation, which means home office with furry coworkers. But…2021 was like “Hold my beer!” I can top anything 2020 threw at you!

Somehow the whole world is going along with the charade of a Biden presidency and we’re all paying that price for other people’s bad decisions. Some are paying the price more than others, especially at the fuel pump or if you need things like food and basic necessities. Covid 19 is still with us even though there’s a vaccination (that doesn’t seem to be all that effective), and the virus has a 98-99% survival rate anyway…There was Snow-megeddon in Texas! Then we had one of the wettest summers on record. After a very successful start to my show season, everything came to a screeching halt, because conditions on cross-country were “too dangerous” at every venue I planned on visiting with my spotted dragons in tow. That still wasn’t enough to send me crawling back to the hell of a breed show though. Any horse show is better than no horse show, and I met some truly wonderful people at the few breed shows I attended, but I do not want to attempt to make my horse unnaturally move at the speed of smell and I want my competition to be people that consider 18in cross rails a lead line activity not an actual jump. I did really miss the indoor venue that was not subject to the whims of the weather gods though.

Snow! In Texas!

Then just as Texas was drying out, and I found some alternative show plans. Covid got me. Now back in 2020 when I still found humor in the virus, a friend on social media said she hoped Karma didn’t kick me in the a$$ for all of my shameless mocking of the Rona. You can call it Karma getting me in 2021 if you want, but if you believe in science or math, (and not, the fake science Fauci makes up to keep his investments soaring) getting the Rona was inevitable. Honestly, it took me a whole lot longer than I estimated it would to catch the Covid. Did I once think, “Man I should have got that jab”? Absolutely not. Covid was miserable and inconvenient like any other illness, but I came out on the back side minus my sense of smell (bummer) with a nice dose of hard won natural immunity. The jab may be right for you. I don’t know, but as for me and mine, natural immunity was the preferred choice.

Covid couldn’t keep me off a horse!

The biggest issue with 2021 has been time. If you haven’t noticed the shelves in most stores looking like we should be living under communism in Russia or some third world backwater, you know there are supply chain issues due to failed government policy. My day job just so happens to be dealing with an overreaching government in what is essentially a logistics company. The mental load of that just hasn’t left much room for creativity the past few months. I have however, been putting some thought toward my poor neglected blog and wondering if I should just scrap it all together. Then I think about the breed shows I slogged through until life got better, and I think nah. So I’m back, not that anyone else will notice, but I was never really writing this for anyone but me anyway!

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  1. Please don’t quit. I look forward to hearing of your adventures and frankly, I enjoy hearing from someone that has a similar outlook on the American adventure. I too have not taken the jab, and won’t unless I’m hogtied and out of ammunition. That said, it is probably inevitable that you will get it and hopefully you can survive with immunity.

    Glad you are back. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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