Rain, Rain, Go Away

I started this blog on May 3 regarding the cancellation of a much anticipated show due to relentless rain and hazardous conditions on the cross country course. I’ve struggled for a month to complete it, and after many revisions this is the final product.

Rain sucks blah, blah, blah. It ruined my 40th birthday plans, but a Kentucky Derby Party and dinner at a Mexican restaurant with our closest Texas friends was a nice substitute.

I hate mud. I hate trudging through mud for a month straight to feed livestock. I hate the constant clean-up of mud tracked into a house when you live on a farm.

Shamu camped out in my pasture for a good two weeks straight since we had enough standing water to support a killer whale.

My horses all look like swamp thing and were covered head to tow in a 2 inch thick coat of mud. Which will leave me covered in more mud when I wash it off.

If you are lucky enough to have a covered arena with good drainage, I may harbor a mild dislike for you, but really I’m just insanely jealous.

Not being able to ride or work with the animals I pay a small fortune to feed, vet, and house makes me a very grumpy, barely tolerable person. Having show after show cancelled due to dangerous conditions really sucks.

I lost a month of training time and competitions. Even though we were doing well in our division, that crashed and burned as competitors at venues not forced to cancel shows built up more points than we could hope to catch up to at this point.

After losing the best training month of the year due to rain and mud, we’re baring down on one of the most intolerable months of the year. Which means triple digit temps, too hot to work during the daylight, and I’ll be begging for rain in about 30 days. Yay Texas!

April, the last time my horses were clean…

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